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Dorgali, a town to be discovered with a heart, where a wild world of nature and history blend together , at 225 kmsq it is one of the largest towns in the area, and one of the most visited too.

Cartina Dorgali e Zona

Sea and Beaches

The beaches are certainly the main attraction of Dorgali, Cala Gonone is a hamlet that has now become one of the most popular destinations on the coast. Palmasera, Sos Dorroles, Spiaggia Centrale, S’Abba Meica, Cartoe and Osalla to mention just a few.

Cala Gonone Palmasera Sos Dorroles Dorgali


You can drive along the coast for about 3 km to reach the beach of Ziu Martine, followed by Cala Fuili, a little bay further along the coast. Further south is Golfo di Orosei where you can find the Bue Marino Caves, and the most magnificent coves of the coastline:

Cala Mariolu

Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritze, are just a few that are reachable by boat or on foot. Once reached these bays of paradise offer clear and turquoise waters and white sand.

Cala Luna Cala Sisine Cala Goloritze


The Gorropu Gorge is probably one of the most impressive and most visited in Sardinia. You can drive through the Oddoene valley and then take a 2 hour walk. Its high faces reach up to 450 mts, one the highest in Europe. Not far from Gorropu you can visit the Nuragical remains of Tiscali Village, situated inside a cave, a place that has always fascinated historians and archaeologists. Along the way you may find “Cuiles”, ancient shepherds hut, many of which have now been restored by volunteers.

North of Dorgali you find ‘ Piskina De Ortaddara’ a natural pool surrounded by high limestone rocks, it is this combination of water and rocks that has inspired our Bed and Breakfast.

The caves of Bue Marino, Fico and Ispinigoli have always attracted speleologists and visitors alike.

Grotte Bue Marino Dorgali

The Bue Marino Caves can be reached by boat from Cala Gonone, you enter the caves directly from the sea, a guide will take you the the heart of the caves where you can admire the work of art of the sea, from stalagmites, stalagtites, salt water lake, and many fossils. Along the 125 Road towards Orosei you find the Ispinigoli caves, with a 38mt Stalagmite, the highest in Europe.

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